Our On-Campus Summer Programs courses bring students in grades 2–12 from around the world together to take on challenging, advanced subjects in dynamic, hands-on classrooms.

In addition to coursework, you’ll participate in a variety of fun supervised activities and make lasting friendships with other academically talented students as you learn from each other—both in and out of the classroom.

CTY students come from many different backgrounds and have a wide variety of opinions and beliefs. We believe this diversity is part of the educational experience, and encourage students to embrace the opportunity to learn from others who are different from them.

A Healthy, Safe Summer at CTY

As we plan to offer fun and engaging On-Campus Summer Programs at sites across the U.S. in 2022, health and safety remain our top priorities. While devoting tremendous time, energy, and expertise to planning, and considering many contingencies, we are taking advantage of the medical and public health expertise of The Johns Hopkins University and following guidance from the CDC, the American Camping Association, and public health officials. We will continue to communicate our evolving policies and practices with families every step of the way.

Learn more about CTY's response to COVID-19.


Our residential sites offer three-week courses for students in grades 5-12 in a variety of subjects.

Our commuter sites offer courses for students in grades 2-6. Courses are offered in one-week and three-week formats, depending on site and grade level.

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Residential Sites

Students spend 3 weeks at these sites. This experience is available for:

Grades 5 - 6
Young Student Program
Grades 7+
Intensive Studies & Academic Explorations
Grades 9 - 12
CTY at Hopkins

Be part of an engaging, intellectual environment where you’re encouraged to challenge yourself, try new things, have fun, and be part of an inclusive community of learners from around the world.


At CTY, you will discover an intellectually challenging curriculum and exciting recreational program. You are required to attend all classes and activity periods. While the daily schedule may differ slightly from site to site, a day at CTY is rigorous and highly structured. The days are full, and you’ll have fun both in and out of the classroom.

Commuter Sites

Students spend 1-3 weeks at these sites depending on the site and grade. This experience is available for:

Grades 2 - 6
Young Students Program

CTY is a place for lively discussions and hands-on opportunities to discover, question, and create, surrounded by peers who share your curiosity and love for learning. It’s where fun and community blossom through friendships made over lab experiments and class projects and outside during games of “Mission: Impossible.”


A typical weekday includes rigorous learning and recreational/ social activities.

Medical Information

Requesting Special Accommodations

If you need special accommodations for a physical, medical, mental health, or other disability, your parents/guardians need to contact CTY staff at 410-735-6215 or cty-disabilities@jhu.edu by May 15. Forms to request accommodations or support are available on our Disability Services page.


Care and Supervision

Daily Supervision

While you are ultimately responsible for your own conduct, members of the administrative, instructional, and residential staff work together to provide clear guidelines and careful supervision. Outside class, staff provide supervision, support and encouragement; enforce rules; foster a safe and inclusive community, and are prepared to help you adjust to being away from home and the academic demands of CTY.

Students attending In-Person programs are asked to adhere to the Student Code of Conduct.

If you have a special case you would like to discuss, contact our support team.