Learn what you love and make new friends with CTY’s on-campus summer programs.

Just because school is out for summer doesn’t mean the learning stops. The Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth is more than a summer camp: Our on-campus summer courses bring together advanced learners from around the world to explore the arts and sciences, bioethics, engineering, public health, and more.

Choose from more than 70 in-person summer courses that are all taught by expert instructors. CTY’s on-campus programs allow young scholars to expand their knowledge surrounded by a community of peers who share their love of learning.

Bond with other advanced learners during discussions, projects, social events, and activities while taking part in:

  • Day Programs for grades 2-5, where students come to campus on weekdays during the three-week program and attend classes, eat lunch, and participate in various activities.
  • Residential Programs for grades 5-12, where students live on campus during the three-week program.


Now Enrolling for Summer 2024

Get ready to explore your favorite subjects and have lots of fun this summer at CTY! We'll be hosting programs at sites across the U.S. After May 31, 2024, registration is available upon request pending eligibility and seat availability. To request placement, email [email protected] after submitting a program application.

2024 session dates for all sites except UC Santa Cruz, Skidmore College, and Speyer School:

  • Session 1: June 23-July 12
  • Session 2: July 14-August 2

2024 session dates for UC Santa Cruz, Skidmore College, and Speyer School:

  • Session 1: June 30-July 19
  • Session 2: July 21-August 9

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Residential and Commuter Day Programs

CTY courses provide a community for all students to thrive both academically and socially—whether they commute to one of our day programs or live and attend classes on a college campus as part of our residential summer programs.

Requirements for our summer programs vary depending on what type of CTY courses students take. No matter which course young learners pursue, our on-campus summer programs will set them up for success—both now and long into the future.

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Explore On-Campus Summer Programs

Discovery Sampler

Grades 3-8

Have a blast building your math, science, and writing skills while exploring three topics in a three-week summer session. Our samplers follow one theme across three areas of study, making this a great option for students who have a broad range of interests and love uncovering new and exciting material. Learn more about Discovery Samplers.


Young Students Program

Grades 2-6

Learn and grow with talented students from all over the world. Day programs are available for grades 2-6, and residential programs are available for grades 5-6.

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Academic Explorations

Grades 7+

Discover new subjects that aren’t part of your typical school curriculum. These three-week summer programs give students a chance to make big-picture connections across an array of exciting disciplines.

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Intensive Studies

Grades 7+

Ready to tackle challenging concepts at a fast pace? These three-week summer courses offer accelerated tracks through high school classes and deep dives into sophisticated college-level topics.

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