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The Center for Talented Youth’s On-Campus and Online Programs offer bright young scholars an opportunity to join a learning community like no other. Our innovative advanced academic programs nurture students’ intellectual and creative talents in an environment that fosters connections with others who share a love of learning.

CTY offers a wide range of advanced in-person and online courses that go beyond what most schools provide, allowing young scholars to pursue their academic passions and explore the subjects they love most. Whether you’re seeking a deeper understanding of a favorite topic or hoping to discover something new, CTY programs provide the perfect platform to explore rigorous, fresh, and fun coursework.

Our courses are meticulously crafted to challenge and engage advanced learners, encouraging them to push boundaries under the guidance of world-class educators. At CTY, students don’t just learn—they connect with a vibrant community of peers who share their drive and enthusiasm for discovery.

CTY offers:

CTY Online Programs

Grades 2-12

CTY Online Programs allow young scholars to pursue rigorous academic coursework in engaging virtual classrooms from anywhere, at any time, and at a pace that aligns with their individual learning goals. In addition to STEM and humanities courses for advanced learners, students can explore exciting topics like space colonization, crime scene investigation, and web design that push the boundaries of a traditional classroom.

Our expert instructors excel at creating supportive virtual learning environments to ensure students get the most out of their CTY experience. Students join a global community of intellectually inspired peers, creating an engaging and dynamic online learning atmosphere that fosters collaboration and growth.

CTY online courses allow students to:

  • Tackle exciting subjects with advanced learners from around the world
  • Take courses year-round in formats that fit their schedule
  • Get detailed feedback from expert instructors

CTY On-Campus Summer Programs

Grades 2-12

Each summer, CTY On-Campus Programs bring together students from around the world to live, learn, and connect in a diverse campus environment. Advanced learners can explore new and favorite subjects, participate in hands-on activities, and forge lasting friendships.

Our courses are designed to encourage collaboration and engagement on challenging topics, ensuring a summer filled with fun and discovery. Hosted at colleges and schools around the U.S., CTY summer programs offer students the flexibility to commute to day programs or join other young scholars in our immersive, three-week residential programs, available June through August.  

With CTY summer courses, students can:

  • Dive into rigorous coursework with peers who share their interests
  • Hone their skills with hands-on assignments, complex lab work, creative projects, and more
  • Participate in three-week in-person CTY programs on school and college campuses around the U.S.
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