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The Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth brings together the brightest minds of the next generation for an unparalleled academic challenge. Since 1979, our nonprofit has served these young scholars and their families through our academic programs, guidance, research, and partnerships.

Educational Programs

Take charge of your learning online, immerse yourself in summer academics, or explore subjects with the whole family. All of our programs deliver rigorous and exciting coursework led by attentive, world-class educators.

Online Programs

Grades 2–12

Find real-time, self-paced, session-based, and individually paced courses that fit your learning style and schedule. Financial Aid is available.


Talent Search and Testing

Extraordinary academic skill can sometimes be hard to identify, so we offer a variety of above-grade level assessments for bright minds in grades 2–12. You may also submit existing test scores to qualify.

  • Unique assessment outside of mandated testing
  • Recognition ceremonies for extraordinary talent
  • Eligibility for our educational programs
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Every child’s talents are unique—identifying those talents is the first step toward unlocking their potential. We offer a range of programming for all kinds of young minds, as well as support and advice for families looking to nurture them. Help is also available for choosing courses and securing school credit.

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Our dedication to supporting young scholars goes far beyond the classroom. Since CTY first began in 1979, we’ve been at the forefront of research in gifted education—equipping educators to better identify, serve, and challenge their most advanced students.

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Support for Educators

Interested in working with us? We provide a variety of resources and assistance for educators and institutions alike: identifying exceptional students, integrating CTY coursework, offering professional development, and much more.

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