CTY is a learning community like no other.

four CTY students standing in front of trees holding blow up globes


We know bright kids. We know they need:

  • Rigorous, fresh, and fun coursework 
  • Acceleration and enrichment 
  • Engaging, supportive instructors who are skilled at working with advanced learners 
  • A community of peers who love to learn as much as they do 
  • A place to learn, have fun, make friends, and be themselves

This is what they’ll find at CTY.

We look forward to welcoming you to the CTY community.

See what CTY students have to say:

Image of Rakeb, a CTY student.

“You build lifelong friendships at CTY, and the classes seem really intense at first, but the teachers ease you into it. Everyone is happy and friendly, and we always do fun activities and challenges.”
- Rakeb L., CTY Student, Maryland