The world leader in gifted education.

For more than 40 years, the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth has stood at the forefront of gifted education. Founded on the vision of identifying and supporting the brightest young scholars, CTY has grown from its home in Baltimore to include locations across the United States, as well as dynamic virtual classrooms. Today, as a nonprofit academic center at Johns Hopkins University—America’s first research university—CTY remains committed to nurturing the unique talents of extraordinary elementary, middle, and high school students worldwide.

CTY is a diverse, welcoming community dedicated to our core mission of advancing the field of gifted education through our research on testing, programs, and other resources and support for academically advanced young students and their families. We aim to understand and inform how exceptional students from every community and demographic are best supported and nurtured to achieve their full potential as scholars and global citizens.

Gifted Education for the 21st Century. View our Strategic Roadmap here.

Our Mission: Advancing Gifted Education

At the heart of CTY lies our mission to serve the diverse community of advanced learners. Beyond offering advanced academic programs, we are a hub of innovation, pushing the boundaries of what it means to educate bright students. Through pioneering research and a dedication to understanding the nuanced needs of advanced learners, we are shaping the future of gifted education. Every CTY program, course, and research initiative is informed by our deep commitment to helping advanced students become the leaders and problem-solvers of tomorrow.

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CTY Leadership: Dedicated to Excellence

Our senior leadership team and Advisory Council are a dynamic group of experts, educators, and visionaries dedicated to fostering an environment where advanced learners can excel. Learn about the people who guide our mission, shape our strategies, and ensure that CTY remains on the leading edge of gifted education.

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Research: Innovating and Informing Gifted Education

At CTY, research is a cornerstone of our commitment to the students and families we serve. By exploring the intersections of education, cognitive psychology, and neuroscience, our researchers work to uncover insights that enhance our understanding of gifted education and inform our curriculum and teaching methods. Discover how CTY’s research is making a difference in the lives of advanced learners around the globe.

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Policies and Accreditation: Commitment to Excellence

The Center for Talented Youth’s commitment to providing exceptional educational experiences is reflected in our adherence to the highest standards. Learn about the policies that guide our operations and the accreditations that recognize our commitment to excellence in education for advanced K-12 students.

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News and Events: Connect With CTY

Stay up to date and become part of our vibrant community. From groundbreaking research findings to exciting new program launches, there’s always something happening at CTY. Join us at our upcoming events and be part of the conversation shaping the future of gifted education.

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