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Our online courses are available year-round—and whether you want to learn alongside your classmates or work at your own pace, there’s a format fit for you.

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With our AP, Honors, and other accredited courses, you can take on advanced challenges and earn school credit at the same time.

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In these courses, you’ll start class with your fellow students and follow a set schedule for all coursework.

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Individually Paced

These courses are available year round and are meant to fit into any schedule. Your instructor will help you complete the course at whatever pace you’d like. 

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These courses blend instructor-led activity, peer discussion and collaboration, independent learning, and interactive exercises.

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In these courses, you’ll collaborate on projects in small teams to solve real-world problems with guidance from your instructor.

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In weekly club meetings, you’ll learn and have fun in real time with a diverse group of fellow students who share your interests.

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CTY's Online instructors hail from cities and universities around the world, but they all have one thing in common: a dedication to helping our students engage and connect with advanced concepts.