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The Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth’s online programs are designed to challenge and inspire academically advanced students, providing opportunities to explore beyond their traditional school curriculum.

From space colonization and crime scene investigation to creative writing and college-level math, our virtual classrooms will expand your knowledge and spark your curiosity. Led by expert instructors who are skilled at engaging bright learners, CTY’s online programs offer courses year-round in a variety of formats—so you can work at a pace that fits your schedule and learning goals.

As a CTY online student, you’ll have fun connecting with a global community of peers, exploring intriguing topics you won’t find in school, and developing new skills. 

Upcoming deadlines

LIVE courses: Apply by August 27 to start September 11 or September 14, 2024
Expert-led mini LIVE course:  Apply by October 8 to start October 28, 2024
Session-Based courses and Clubs: Apply by August 27 to start September 9, 2024
Individually Paced courses: Apply anytime and get started in 2 weeks

Explore CTY’s Online Course Topics

Immerse yourself in CTY’s online programs, designed specifically for bright learners looking to expand their skills and knowledge. Our online courses provide rigorous and fun learning opportunities designed to foster your love for discovery and innovation. Find the perfect course for your interests and schedule: 

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CTY online program enrollment is open year-round. Start your learning journey within two weeks of applying. Explore our flexible options. View Calendar

CTY Online Course Formats


Get ahead in your studies with session-based CTY online courses that connect you with other advanced learners from around the world. These asynchronous courses provide the structure of assignment deadlines, along with the flexibility to do your coursework independently. Select courses also have set meeting times. You and your classmates may interact via discussion forums and virtual meetings. See individual course descriptions for meeting times (if applicable).

Good for students who:

  • Prefer some interaction with classmates
  • Benefit from having some structure while learning  
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Individually Paced

With this CTY online course option, you’ll take on an academic challenge customized to your advanced abilities and schedule. These asynchronous courses allow you to develop your own learning plan within course guidelines. Work independently at an accelerated pace or take breaks if needed. Your instructor provides guidance on appropriate pacing, gives personalized feedback on your work, and meets with you virtually as needed to help you master challenging concepts. 

A good fit for students who:

  • Are self-motivated, with strong time management skills
  • Want to accelerate their learning
  • Enjoy an academic challenge that goes beyond their school curriculum
  • Want some flexibility to take breaks
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CTY’s LIVE online courses let you connect with other bright learners and enrich your studies while exploring fascinating topics not often found in school. In these hybrid synchronous/asynchronous courses, you’ll meet to participate in real-time online sessions with fun lessons and lively discussions with your classmates and instructor. You’ll also read and complete activities on your own outside of class.

A good fit for students who:

  • Enjoy a lively virtual class setting and are also motivated to work independently
  • Love diving into special-interest topics that spark their curiosity without the pressure of a high-stakes academic setting
  • Enjoy using technology to connect and share ideas with classmates from around the world
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In weekly club meetings, you’ll learn and have fun in real time with a diverse group of fellow students who share your interests.

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Your CTY online instructors hail from cities and universities around the world, but they all have one thing in common: a dedication to helping our students engage and connect with advanced concepts.