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Topology is the mathematical study of shapes and space that considers questions such as, “What objects that visually seem quite different share the same properties?” One of the major fields of mathematics, topology possesses wide-ranging applications and beautiful theorems with far-reaching consequences. This course will introduce you and your classmates to point-set topology as you delve into bizarre notions of "space" and develop skills with rigorous, proof-based mathematics. You’ll begin by tackling the core concepts of sets, topologies, and continuous mappings before moving on to topological invariants such as compactness, connectedness, and the separation axioms. With these tools in hand, you will explore how to deform shapes and spaces without altering their fundamental properties. This knowledge allows you to see why it took 100 years for mathematicians to prove Poincaré’s 1904 conjecture about the nature of a sphere. Finally, you’ll survey different applications of topology, such as how the study of knots influenced our understanding of proteins, or how the study of manifolds led scientists to a deeper understanding of the topological shape of the universe.

Typical Class Size: 16-18

Course Overview

Testing and Prerequisites

  Math Verbal
Required Level CTY-Level Not required
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Course Prerequisites

Topology requires:

1 prerequisite

Geometry and Algebra II

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Course Materials

Students should bring basic school supplies like pens, notebooks, and folders to their summer program. You will be notified of any additional items needed before the course begins. All other materials will be provided by CTY.

Sample Reading

These titles have been featured in past sessions of the course, and may be included this summer. CTY provides students with all texts; no purchase is required.

  • Introduction to Topology, by Bert Mendelson

Technical Requirements

Students must bring a tablet, laptop computer, or Chromebook for use during the session. A smartphone will not be sufficient.

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