Our Mathematics courses span elementary through college-level curricula and cover a wide range of topics, from geometry and data and chance to robotics, cryptology, economics, game theory, and number theory. Guided by expert instructors, you and your classmates will develop your problem-solving and reasoning skills while learning and working on fun projects together. Whether you're looking for pure math fun and enrichment, to do challenging math with other kids who love problem solving, or to dig deep and prepare for advanced-level high school and college math, there’s a course that's right for you.

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Explore the study of shapes

Many of our courses allow students to describe the world around them in basic and profound ways. Our younger students learn about shape, scale, and proportion in Geometry and Spatial Sense. Middle School students explore beautiful real-world applications of lines; analyze data based on curves that fit a uniform, symmetric and bell-shaped, or skewed pattern in Data and Chance. And advanced students explore the underlying mathematics and fundamental characteristics of shapes, distance, and continuous deformations in our proof-based Topology course.

Dive deep into logic and reasoning

Our courses in formal logic give you the tools to question the world around you. Inductive and Deductive Reasoning introduces younger students to different types of reasoning, as well as the strengths and weaknesses inherent in various forms of critical analysis. Older students explore how logical reasoning can explain (or fail to explain) counter-intuitive results in Paradoxes and Infinities, or take a more rigorous approach to formal logic in Mathematical Logic.

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