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Academic Explorations for Grades 7 and Above

2020 Program Dates

Notice for Session 1 and Hong Kong Sites: In light of the rapidly evolving COVID-19 pandemic, CTY, in close coordination with Johns Hopkins University leadership, has made the difficult decision to cancel Session 1 of our 2020 Summer Programs, along with all courses at our Hong Kong sites. Please visit our online information center to learn more.

Session 2: July 19 - August 7

CTY’s Academic Explorations consists of enrichment courses that provide students an introduction to topics that are not typically part of the standard middle or high school curriculum. These courses are designed to help students develop analytical and critical thinking skills while immersing them in a specific discipline for three weeks. 

Academic Explorations courses emphasize a lively exchange of ideas and problem solving; informed discussion rather than lecture is the norm, and students often have opportunities to present their work to the class. In these courses, students engage in a process of discovery as they apply concepts and theories to real world situations and become more informed, learned individuals in the process.

Courses in the Academic Explorations program are taught at a level equivalent to an advanced high school or introductory college level course, and most courses do not have prerequisites or require any prior knowledge of a specific topic. As students are exposed to new fields of academic inquiry, they benefit from focused, individualized instruction and from pursuing a subject in-depth with peers who share their interests and abilities.

Academic Explorations Catalog and Resources

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