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The Ancient World

Between 2000 BCE and 300 CE, cultures with lasting impact flourished all around the world. In this course, you will learn about the daily life, social structures, governments, economies, and religions of these cultures, and consider how traces of them live on today. You and your classmates will read historical accounts of ancient societies and explore myths, legends, and arts. You will examine which mummified animals have been found in pharaohs' tombs; discern ancient Egyptians' beliefs about the world and the afterlife; analyze the meaning of dragon images on the garments of Chinese emperors and generals; and consider how Indian oral traditions reflected in the 2,000-year-old epic poem Ramayana shaped the politics, religion, and art of modern South Asia. In addition to group work, you’ll choose a topic to research on your own. Ultimately you will build your critical thinking and research skills while learning to appreciate the richness and diversity of ancient cultures.

Typical Class Size: 12

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Session One

Gilman School Baltimore
Baltimore, Maryland
Commuter cost: $3,099
Speyer School
New York, New York
Commuter cost: $3,599

Session Two

Gilman School Baltimore
Baltimore, Maryland
Commuter cost: $3,099
Speyer School
New York, New York
Commuter cost: $3,599

Testing and Prerequisites

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Course Materials

Please acquire all course materials by the course start date, unless noted as perishable. Items marked as “perishable” should not be acquired until the student needs them in the course. If you have questions about these materials or difficulty locating them, please contact [email protected].

Sample Reading

These titles have been featured in past sessions of the course, and may be included this summer. CTY will provide students with all texts; no purchase is required.

  • Ancient Rome, Andrew Solway and Peter Connolly
  • The Ancient Greeks, Rosemary Rees
  • India: Exploring Ancient Civilizations, Marilynn G. Barr
  • Eyewitness: Ancient China, Arthur Cotterell

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