History and Social Science

Our History and Social Science courses include the study of law, philosophy, economics, U.S. and world history, and psychology. Reading and writing, lively classroom discussions, and simulations are at the heart of all our offerings. Younger scholars can enjoy learning about ancient history, geography, great explorers, and the United Nations, while courses for older students cover material typically found in introductory college-level classes. All courses are led by expert instructors who are skilled at working with bright kids just like you. Whichever course you choose, you'll gain important insights into the inner workings of government, world civilizations, global culture, and the human mind.

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Enhance your critical thinking skills

Expand your ability to reason through difficult problems by taking one of our philosophy or logic classes. Learn how to craft strong and clear arguments in Big Questions, or explore the techniques of logic that lawyers, doctors, and mathematicians utilize to be successful in their fields in Logic: Principles of Reasoning.

Explore social justice in action

Develop knowledge and skills that will help you address issues of systemic inequality throughout the world. Challenge historical assumptions about gender to interrogate harmful stereotypes in Beyond the Binary.

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