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Mathematical Problem Solving

Can five 20-by-18-foot carpets lying flat with no overlap fit in a 40-by-50-foot room? Can you measure 2 liters of water correctly using only a 4-liter pitcher and a 3-liter pitcher? How many different ways can you add four even, positive numbers to get a sum of 16? Problem-solving in mathematics involves finding a path to a solution, even when there is no clear place to start. In this course, you’ll learn to solve problems using a wide range of approaches like drawing diagrams, making lists, eliminating unreasonable possibilities, identifying patterns, guessing and checking, and manipulating variables. Working individually and in small groups, you’ll learn how to ask questions, choose strategies, and explain your thought processes along the way. You and your classmates will watch demonstrations, do hands-on activities, and play games while becoming critical thinkers and creative problem solvers, strengthening your reasoning skills and preparing for future study in discrete math, probability, and other fields of mathematics.

Typical Class Size: 12

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Speyer School
New York, New York
Commuter cost: $3,599

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Speyer School
New York, New York
Commuter cost: $3,599

Testing and Prerequisites

  Math Verbal
Required Level CTY-Level Not required
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