Language Arts

Our Language Arts courses will help you become a critical thinker and creative storyteller. Guided by our expert instructors, you and your classmates will learn to read critically and develop your voice while writing clear and engaging works of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. Through fun writing projects and lively discussions and workshops with classmates from around the world, you’ll elevate your writing structure and style, hone your craft, and become an adept wordsmith fluent in the literary arts.

Write heroic stories

Want to have fun reading popular stories and writing your own tales of adventure? In Heroes and Villains, you’ll read, discuss, and write about well-known folktales and legends while also crafting your own. Pen your hero’s journey and explore a diverse range of books in Behind the Mask: Superheroes Revealed, or critically analyze popular comics and learn how to construct your own compelling narratives in The Graphic Novel.

Find your voice

Gain the tools to take your writing to the next level. In Being a Reader, Becoming a Writer, build your vocabulary and gain the tools to write your own creative fiction. You’ll learn to craft compelling narratives about your own experiences at the collegiate level in Crafting the Essay, and experiment with literary devices and figurative language in Writing Your World.

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