Learn together

Dive into rigorous coursework with peers that share your passion for knowledge.

From the textbook to the real world

Hone your academic skills on and off the page with hands-on assignments, complex lab work, creative projects, and more. 

Classrooms near and far

Our programs are offered at campuses across the United States and in Hong Kong. Find one near you or travel somewhere new!

2021 Summer Programs update

CTY programming is online this summer! In-person programs will resume in summer 2022. Watch our website in late 2021 for more information on how to sign up for our 2022 Summer Programs.

Residential and day site programs

Commute to our day programs or live with other young scholars in our residential programs. Sessions are available late June through early August and range from one to three weeks.

Explore Summer Programs

Young Students Program

Grades 2-6

Learn and grow with talented students from all over the world. Day programs are available for grades 2–6 and residential programs for grades 5–6.

Academic Explorations

Grades 7+

Discover new subjects that aren’t part of your typical school curriculum. These three-week courses give students a chance to make big-picture connections across an array of exciting disciplines.

Intensive Studies

Grades 7+

Ready to tackle challenging concepts at a pace suited to your sharp mind? These three-week courses offer deep dives into sophisticated college-level topics.

High School Programs

Grades 9+

Put your brain to work on some of the world's toughest problems. These interdisciplinary programs bring together diverse backgrounds to tackle humanity's big questions.

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