Online Programs instructors are highly qualified professionals who specialize in teaching advanced concepts to bright elementary, middle, and high school students. In our virtual classrooms, instructors engage, challenge, and connect with students, providing them with individualized attention and feedback.


Our instructors act as facilitators of knowledge, supporting active learning through questioning and encouraging students to reach understanding independently. Students engage in lessons on their own time or through scheduled virtual meetings, and receive encouragement and helpful instructor feedback in regular check-ins as they progress through the course.


Our instructors support learning strategies that help students master course concepts, including peer reviews, concept mapping, and learning through hands-on activities. Instructors also provide students with robust, useful feedback, and identify misconceptions or gaps in understanding to promote mastery.


Our instructors give students room to explore, make mistakes, and learn from these mistakes to gain a stronger understanding.  The freedom and flexibility of learning virtually also provides students with the opportunity to try a variety of subjects taught in different formats, and to choose the type of exploration that works best for them.




Meet our Instructors

CTY's Online instructors hail from cities and universities around the world, but they all have one thing in common: a dedication to helping our students engage and connect with advanced concepts.