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Data Structures and Algorithms

We know that computers are great problem solvers, but there is human work that must be done before computers can work their magic: first, it is necessary to formalize the problem within a mathematical model, find an algorithm to solve the problem in that model, and implement the algorithm in a particular programming language. This course teaches you how to do behind-the-scenes work like designing, analyzing, and implementing algorithms within a programming language. You’ll study data structures such as arrays, lists, stacks, queues, trees, and sets to learn different ways of organizing data. You’ll analyze sorting, searching, and graphing algorithms to determine their runtime efficiency. By examining these fundamental algorithms, you and your classmates will learn how design decisions can affect their efficiency and scalability. A series of programming assignments will help you learn how to put these abstract ideas into practice. By the end of this course, you will have the conceptual tools necessary to model and analyze various types of computational problems.

Typical Class Size: 18-20

Course Overview

Summer Dates & Locations

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Session One

Roger Williams University
Bristol, Rhode Island
Residential cost: $6,599
Commuter cost: $5,799
Dickinson College
Carlisle, Pennsylvania
Residential cost: $6,599
Commuter cost: $5,799

Session Two

Dickinson College
Carlisle, Pennsylvania
Residential cost: $6,599
Commuter cost: $5,799

Testing and Prerequisites

  Math Verbal
Required Level Advanced CTY-Level Not required
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Course Prerequisites

Data Structures and Algorithms requires:

1 prerequisite

CTY’s Fundamentals of Computer Science or at least a B+ in a high school or college-level computer programming course from an accredited provider

Cost and Financial Aid

  • Tuition
    • Varies
  • Application fee
    • Nonrefundable Application Fee - $50 (Waived for financial aid applicants)
    • Nonrefundable International Fee - $250 (outside US only)

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Course Materials

Students should bring basic school supplies like pens, notebooks, and folders to their summer program. You will be notified of any additional items needed before the course begins. All other materials will be provided by CTY.

Sample Reading

These titles have been featured in past sessions of the course, and may be included this summer. CTY provides students with all texts; no purchase is required.

  • Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis, Mark Weiss

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