Computer Science and Technology

Do you dream of becoming a coder? Do you want to develop critical thinking skills and learn creative problem solving? And do you want to work on fun projects with students who love technology as much as you do? Our fun and lively in-person Computer Science and Technology courses cover a range of topics in programming and robotics. Gear up for learning real-world computer languages and practicing your programming skills in an array of projects including animation, game design, web design, and more.

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Build robots, conquer the world!

Introduction to Robotics is perfect for students who want to learn introductory-level programming and apply what they've learned through real-life engineering projects. You can even test your coding and design skills by having your robot complete obstacle courses and other challenges.

You’ve learned to code—now what?

Data Structures and Algorithms is for students who have some proficiency at programming and are looking to take their abilities to the next level. By diving deep into how computers organize and store data, you will learn to design and utilize algorithms with peak efficiency.

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