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Science and Engineering

CTY’s online science and engineering courses help bring science to life for students of all ages—from introducing elementary school students to topics not covered in a standard science curriculum to building science knowledge and reinforcing concepts for middle school students, to helping high schoolers master complex scientific concepts and preparing them for Advanced Placement exams. Courses are presented in a dynamic online environment that includes graphics, animations, video, and audio-narration. Students are guided by expert CTY science educators, who communicate via virtual classrooms, email, and phone. Instructors are trained in the use of technology and are knowledgeable about the best practices in distance education for exceptionally bright students. Several courses include virtual exercises, hands-on experiments using common household objects, and special science lab kits.

Students who enroll in the individually paced middle school science or high school science series may start at any time during the year and progress at their own pace within their enrollment period. Review the academic calendar for session dates for forensics, engineering, NCAA approved high school science courses, and AP science courses. The AP science courses have been reviewed by the College Board and are authorized to use its "AP" designation.

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Note: Course formats are either Session-based or Individually Paced.

Science and Engineering Courses

Eligibility Level
Elementary School ScienceSession-basedHousehold Chemistry New!Grades 3-5Math or VerbalCTY
Middle School ScienceIndividually PacedEarth and Space ScienceGrades 6-8*MathCTY
Life ScienceGrades 6-8*MathCTY
Physical ScienceGrades 6-8*MathCTY
Session-basedIntro to Forensics (NCAA Approved)Grades 6-9Math or VerbalCTY
High School ScienceIndividually PacedHonors Biology Grades 8-12*MathCTY
Honors Chemistry Newly revised!Grades 8-12*MathCTY
Honors PhysicsGrades 8-12*MathCTY
Session-basedHonors Biology (NCAA Approved)Grades 8-12*MathCTY
Honors Chemistry (NCAA Approved)Grades 8-12*MathCTY
Honors Physics (NCAA Approved)Grades 8-12*MathCTY
AP ScienceSession-basedAP Biology (NCAA Approved)Grades 9-12MathCTY
AP Biology (Intensive, NCAA Approved)Grades 9-12MathAdvanced CTY
AP Chemistry (NCAA Approved)Grades 9-12MathCTY
AP Chemistry (Intensive, NCAA Approved)Grades 9-12MathAdvanced CTY
AP Physics 1 (NCAA Approved)Grades 9-12MathCTY
AP Physics 1 (Intensive, NCAA Approved)Grades 9-12MathAdvanced CTY
AP Physics 2 (NCAA Approved)Grades 9-12MathCTY
AP Physics 2 (Intensive, NCAA Approved)Grades 9-12MathAdvanced CTY
EngineeringSession-basedInventions in EngineeringGrades 3-5MathCTY
Individually PacedIntroduction to Computer Science and EngineeringGrades 3-6MathCTY
Research WritingSession-basedSTEAM Research Writing New!Grades 6-12Math or VerbalCTY

*Suggested grade levels only. Students may enroll in a course above their own grade level if it is appropriate for their ability.

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