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CTY for High School Students (grades 9-12)

CTY high-school students

High school students at CTY participate in intensive academic experiences that suit their interests and goals for college and beyond. Courses for high school students include everything from a full suite of AP offerings in CTY Online Programs to living-and-learning opportunities with our Summer Programs. Find the program that’s right for you and learn how to qualify.

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Online Courses Grades 9-12

Online Programs courses are designed to enrich and accelerate academically advanced students in areas where they show strong ability and interest.

Summer Courses Grades 9-12

Summer Programs offer an immersion in academic passions, provides opportunities to meet gifted peers, and to grow both intellectually and personally.

Family Programs Grades 9-12

Family programs for high-school students are designed with an eye to the future, focusing on travel and the college journey.

How to Qualify

High school students new to CTY who are interested in CTY Summer or Online programs have several options for determining eligibility. They can submit existing qualifying scores from the SAT, ACT, or PSAT or take the School and College Ability Test (SCAT) and/or the Spatial Test Battery (STB) at a Prometric Test Center at locations around the world.