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Talent Search: Start Here

CTY student sitting in front of home computer with an experiment in-process, on the desk.

The first step to enrollment in the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth begins with our Talent Search. Through above grade-level testing, CTY will help you discover whether our programs and services are right for your child—and find the appropriate level of challenge to inspire your advanced learner.

Grades 2-8Grades 9-12

About Talent Search

Talent Search is the gateway to CTY. It's an advanced assessment that will help identify your child's strengths.


Receiving a qualifying score can earn your student the opportunity to enroll in summer and online programs.

Apply Now

Apply to CTY using the Talent Search application form if you want to test for eligibility.

One Parent's Journey Through Talent Search

Kristen Chase and her 13-year old daughter, Quinlan"Prior to my daughter starting middle school, I decided to have her tested by a local educational psychologist to see what school would be the best fit for her. Even though she had not qualified for her current school’s gifted program, I wanted to have her tested in a different environment, as well as gain more insight into her learning style."

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