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teacher with math class CTY Summer Program

CTY’s programs have reached more than 1.5 million young people worldwide since our 1979 founding by renowned Johns Hopkins psychologist Julian C. Stanley. With your help, we will strengthen our student financial aid, educator support, and research and advocacy work. Together, we can impact advanced learners of all backgrounds. Your gift to CTY will demonstrate your firm belief in the next generation of thinkers, doers, and dreamers.

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Excellence in Teaching

CTY recognizes the critical role that classroom teachers play in advanced learners’ development.

Research & Advocacy

CTY is the foremost authority on characteristics of advanced learners and interventions that can cultivate their potential.

Scholarship Support

To open CTY to more low- and middle-income students, we must substantially increase our financial aid resources.

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Thank you to all of our generous donors!


As an alum, you know that CTY has tapped into something special and rare—allowing young people to form social bonds based on shared academic interests. Your summers at CTY allowed you to learn under the leadership of exceptional instructors from top universities, form a circle of close friends from all over the world.

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