For Educators

The Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth (CTY) provides schools like yours with the resources they need to inspire advanced learners. CTY works with schools to identify and challenge their brightest students. Accredited for grades K through 12 by the MSA-CESS, CTY offers programs your students can pursue in the classroom—or beyond it.

Students who place in the top 5 percent on national or state tests are invited to participate in our Talent Search, which offers affordable, above-grade-level testing to identify students who can benefit from our programs.

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Working with Online Programs

Many schools use our Online Programs to bring advanced virtual education courses to their brightest students. Students who qualify can take our challenging Gifted and Talented or Advanced Placement® (AP®) courses during the school day, using their school’s approved digital devices. Learn more about working with Online Programs.

Working with Summer Programs

Some schools choose to grant credit or placement to students who participate in CTY's Summer Programs. When Summer Programs courses differ greatly from the courses a school offers, they may instead elect to note CTY participation on a student’s transcript. For more information on credit or placement for Summer Programs courses, email or call 410-735-6185.

Opportunities for Teachers

When students qualify for CTY’s programs, they’re offered challenging courses taught by great instructors like you. If you think you’d be right for CTY, read more about our current employment opportunities.

About CTY

Find out more about CTY and our programs though a short video presentation on YouTube, available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Korean.