Programs for Schools

Public, private, independent, and charter schools work with Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth to expand opportunities for their academically gifted students by bringing challenging online courses to the school setting.

CTY's Online Programs courses can be used to replace a school's regular course or for academic enrichment. Students can work on their courses during the school day, using the computer lab or media center, communicating with their Online Programs instructors via email, interactive virtual classrooms, or by phone.

Get Started!

Contact CTY to start or continue a school relationship.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 410-735-6277  

Steps to Enroll Students

Instructions for schools new to CTY:

  1. Complete a school profile form.
  2. Communicate with school program manager.
  3. Complete CTY Online Program Participation Agreement – School Program manager will provide.
  4. Enroll Students.

Instructions for returning schools with an active agreement:

  1. Communicate with school program manager.
  2. Complete CTY Task Order (yearly).
  3. Enroll Students.