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CTY Eligibility

CTY student with thumbs up, smiling

Students establish eligibility for CTY summer and online programs through testing. CTY is committed to a rigorous approach to assessment so we can provide academically advanced students with the appropriate level of challenge. CTY’s eligibility policy aims to be consistent, transparent, and fair to all students who test.

Apply Grades 2-8Apply Grades 9-12

Eligibility Levels

Students qualify for CTY at either the CTY level or Advanced CTY level.

Calculate Eligibility

Once you've received your test scores, find your student's eligibility.

Eligibility Policy

Review CTY's Eligibility Policy and learn about qualifying score levels.

Program Requirements

CTY summer and online courses and programs also have age and grade requirements, and some courses have prerequisites. Eligibility requirements are in two subject area categories: math and science; and writing and humanities. You may be eligible in just one area, or both. Please keep this in mind as you review our courses.

Understanding CTY Eligibility

Our recorded webinar guides you through CTY eligibility details: