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After You Enroll

Expectations of Students

Supporting Your Child

Parents or guardians are vital components to a child’s success. They play a key role by encouraging regular communication with instructors and helping students master time management skills, both critical for successful online learning.

Some general tips:

  • Encourage your child to do the best work possible.
  • Be sure your child understands the Expectations of Students and CTY Student Code of Conduct.
  • Help your child realize it may require one to two weeks to get familiar with the course format.
  • Remind your child to communicate with the instructor weekly.
  • Oversee the timely completion of assignments and exams.
  • Ensure that your child has access to a computer that meets the technical requirements for the course.
  • Contact the instructor if you would like to be included on correspondence with your child.

While most CTY students are computer-savvy, first-time students may feel unsure about taking a Online Programs course. Many initially anxious students have expressed gratitude to their parents for encouraging them to enroll.

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Expectations for Instructor Feedback

Email messages from students and parents/guardians are usually answered within 1 business day. Assignments for individually paced courses are graded within 1-2 business days. If multiple assignments have been submitted at once, grading might take longer. The time frame for instructor feedback for session-based and L.I.V.E. courses varies according to the course.

CTY will be closed during the following University holidays: 

  • New Year's Day 
  • Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. 
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Day after Thanksgiving
  • Winter Holiday – December 24-25
  • New Year’s Eve

When any of the holidays fall on a Saturday or Sunday, the preceding Friday or the following Monday will be recognized as a holiday. Students and parents should not assume instructors will be available on these holidays unless specific arrangements have been made.

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Technical Requirements and Support

Students in all online courses (Individually Paced, Session Based, and L.I.V.E.) will need an email address, a computer with broadband internet access, and a current web browser. A headset, speakers, and a microphone, plus common tools such as Skype and Zoom, are needed to interact with instructors and other students during real-time class and tutoring sessions.

Microsoft Word or compatible Office software is required. Additional plug-ins may need to be installed on a student’s computer, or their web browser, to support videos and submission of work and tests. Most Flash-based courses, and exam software, do not work on tablets like iPads.

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Disability Services

CTY is committed to providing reasonable, appropriate, and necessary accommodations for qualified students with disabilities. To do so, open communication between CTY and parents is essential to meeting students’ needs. For information, visit Online Programs Disability Services.

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Messaging System

The messaging system is intended for instructors and classmates to communicate with each other in their online classroom. In the rare event that a student receives an unwelcome message, please contact your instructor and

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Course Completion and Retention of Student Content Policy

An individually paced course must be completed within 18 months from the original start date; students will not be able to return to a course after 18 months. A session-based course must be completed by the end of the session. CTY will not retain student content beyond one year after a course has been completed or one year after the enrollment end date of a course that has not been completed. Students who wish to save copies of their work and of their instructor’s feedback should download and save the materials to their own computer during the course.

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MyCTY is a personalized, online portal that gives you access to all of your CTY information once you have registered with the Center. 

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Request a Start Date Change for an Individually Paced Course

We ask that you allow approximately two weeks for application processing when registering for an individually paced course. During our peak season, some delay is unavoidable.  However, we realize that this is a hardship for many of our Online Programs students so we have an administrative procedure that may allow some students to move ahead their start dates once they have everything they need to get started in the course.

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Pause Policy for Individually Paced Courses

Our students are most successful when they work consistently. However, we realize that situations occur which cause a student to be away from the program for an extended period of time. MyCTY allows you to pause your child's individually paced Online Programs course for an extended absence, preserving enrollment time. Parents may pause their child's enrollment in an individually paced course for seven days or longer, up to a year.

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Re-enrolling in an Individually Paced Course

Students who need more time to complete an individually paced course may re-enroll for additional time by paying a $15 application fee plus the cost of tuition. To view current tuition rates, visit: Tuition and Fees.

The $15 application fee may be waived if the student's enrollment period has not yet expired at the time the student applies for an extension.

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Request a Course Change

Online Programs staff are available to advise parents or guardians regarding course placement prior to registration. Notify at the start of the course if there are any issues with placement, scheduling, or pacing to discuss whether an enrollment change is appropriate for your child. If a course change is requested, the course change must be approved by CTY and a course change fee may be applied. The fee will be waived if the course change request is received before the course begins. A course change may not be possible in certain cases.

Individually Paced Courses

Submit individually paced course change requests to The course change will be free of charge if CTY determines that the student should be placed at a different level. If a course change is requested for another reason, a course change fee may be applied.

Session-based Courses

Session-based course change requests should be submitted to prior to the application deadline.

Students who have started a session-based course and would like to switch to a different course format or a later session of the same course must request the change within the first third of the course. After that point in time, course changes are not possible.

L.I.V.E. Courses

Because of the cohort-based nature and shortened duration of L.I.V.E. courses, course changes are generally not permitted after the application deadline.

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Audit Option

Some Online Programs students enroll in courses they do not intend to complete simply to explore a new subject, expand their knowledge of a favorite subject, prepare for an AP test, or otherwise supplement their school curriculum. In cases like these, CTY allows a student to Audit an online course.  A student can switch to Audit status at any time during their enrollment.  There is no change in tuition for a student on Audit status. To go on Audit, a parent/guardian must send an email to the instructor.

To Audit an online course means:

  • The course is not taken for a grade.
  • A student on Audit status still has access to all course materials and their Online Programs Instructor, who will meet with the student as needed, monitor progress, email weekly as usual, and send grades or feedback as appropriate.
  • A student on Audit status taking any graded assessments must follow all exam, course and CTY policies (in particular, the honor code).
  • No Course Completion Documents (for individually paced courses) or Final Evaluations (for session based courses) will be sent once the enrollment ends.
  • An audited course will not appear on the student’s Official Academic Record.

A student can go on audit at any time during their enrollment, but cannot go back and cannot re-take an audited class for a grade. Auditing a course does not satisfy any prerequisite conditions for future courses that require successful completion of the course taken for audit.

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Proctor Requirements

CTY maintains the academic integrity of its Online Programs through proctor requirements that support students by preventing academic misconduct.

A proctor is required for select courses, if the student’s goal is to obtain a grade on the CTY Official Academic Record (OAR) upon completing the course. In order for CTY to assign a course grade, exams must be proctored by an employee of a school or proctoring center who is not a member of the student’s family. CTY is not responsible for proctoring fees. Please read the course description to determine if a proctor will be required.

Select courses will require students to use proctoring software that secures the online testing environment for designated assessments. Students will only be able to access designated assessments using an internet browser and will be unable to copy, print, use shortcut keys, access other applications and programs, or visit other websites while taking the assessment. In courses that require this tool, the online classroom will contain documentation for the student explaining how the proctoring tool works and instructions on how to download and use the tool.

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Grading Scale

Numerical Grade (%)Letter Grade
98 – 100A+
93 – 97A
90 – 92A-
87 – 89B+
83 – 86B
80 – 82B-
77 – 79C+
73 – 76C
70 – 72C-
< 70No grade issued

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Earning Credit or Placement

Students who intend to request placement and/or credit for their Online Programs courses should always discuss their options with school officials before enrolling in CTY, since schools' policies vary.  Although CTY is an accredited institution, CTY does not award degrees or diplomas. Credit or placement can only be awarded by the student's school. For more detailed information, please visit the Credit or Placement information page.

Please note that L.I.V.E. courses cannot be taken for credit or placement.

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Official Academic Record

Parents can request a CTY Official Academic Record via MyCTY that will show all the academic courses in which the student is actively enrolled or has successfully completed with grades if applicable, and also lists other types of participation and achievements.

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Score Reporting Codes

Students who wish to establish eligibility with the SAT or ACT should select "Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth" and/or CEEB code "5334" when selecting reporting options in order for test scores to be sent to CTY.

Students who complete an AP course through CTY Online Programs should use the following codes when completing the College Board AP application:

  • The Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth Online Provider Code is 062
  • The Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth School Code is 992101

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Frequently Asked Questions

Browse the Online Programs FAQs to find helpful answers to common questions. Even if you don't have a question, we strongly encourage you to read the FAQs to learn more about the program. If you have a question that is not answered by the FAQs, please contact for assistance.

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