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Eligibility for CTY Online Programs

Eligibility for CTY Online Programs courses is based on grade and scores earned on a designated test.

CTY Online Programs courses are offered at the Advanced CTY-level and CTY-level. Not all courses are offered at both levels. You must be eligible in the appropriate level to enroll in a course at that level. Some courses have additional prerequisites.

Students in Grades Pre-K-2

CTY Online Programs offers opportunities for academically talented students in grade 2 and below to take our challenging courses. Children below grade 2 who are too young to take the SCAT in CTY’s Talent Search for eligibility can become eligible to enroll in online courses by submitting nationally normed, updated, standardized test results that demonstrate the highest academic potential. Examples include but are not limited to:

  • WISC
  • Stanford-Binet
  • KeyMath 3 Diagnostic Assessment
  • ERB Early Childhood Admission Assessment
  • Woodcock Johnson
  • Cognitive Abilities Test

These tests are available from most private practice child psychologists.

Before enrolling, please contact to request a review of your child's standardized test scores and other information that you want us to consider in deciding upon eligibility for the online program. Strong candidates typically demonstrate advanced reasoning abilities by achieving scores at or above the 95th percentile on an updated, nationally normed, standardized assessment; provide evidence of strong reading skills; and are eager to learn. Please note that particularly young students may require support from a parent or guardian in order to succeed in the online learning environment.

Students admitted in Pre-K through 1st grade remain eligible through the end of the 2nd grade.