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Meet Our Scholars

David Alejandrino

Picture of David Alejandrino

"If CTY is family, then the CTY Scholars are the long-lost brothers and sisters that I never found out I had until I entered high school. Since then, we've grown together, learned together, and pursued our dreams together. No matter what city, state, or country we end up moving to, in the future we will continue to be brothers and sisters connected by our CTY Scholars bond."

CTY Scholar, Class of 2017
University of California, Los Angeles, Class of 2021


Oscar Avila

Picture of Oscar Avila

"The CTY Scholars Program gave me the ability to be able to speak to a counselor and feel confident about my college plans when my school counselors were inundated by hundreds of students."

CTY Scholar, Class of 2018
Georgetown University, Class of 2022


Yefri Baez

Picture of Yefri Baez"CTY was an integral part of my professional and personal identities. The friendships, mentors, and experiences afforded to me by this program established a firm foundation upon which I was able to thrive, both as a scholar and a person. As a CTY Scholar, I had the privilege of attending college courses while in high school, as well as travel the country, and gain exposure to different cultures, creeds, and perspectives. This was an invaluable experience that I will always cherish, and wholeheartedly recommend to others."

CTY Scholar, Class of 2011
Vassar College, Class of 2015
Harvard Medical School, Class of 2020

Kadija Benoit

Picture of Kadija Benoit"The CTY Scholars Program has helped to give me the courage and resources that I needed to succeed. Without the CTY Scholars Program, I believe I would have felt lost looking for my path towards higher education and a better life, but because of CTY, I had a light to guide me along the way."

CTY Scholar, Class of 2019
Princeton University, Class of 2023


Destiny Brown

Picture of Destiny Brown"What I’ve learned from being a CTY Scholar, I’ll be able to use for the rest of my life. From providing workshops on essay writing, to exposing me to scholarship opportunities I would have never known about, to providing an academic guide from 8th grade to senior year, the CTY Scholars Program has changed my life and my career path. No matter what obstacles I face in college, I’ll be confident that the CTY Scholars Program has prepared me well."

CTY Scholar, Class of 2019
New York University, Class of 2023

Alberto Espiricueta

Picture of Alberto Espiricueta"The program is a lifesaver especially in times when you may have the most pressing questions needing answers; your educational advisor is always ready and prepared to help. Besides learning about college, I learned that students of any creed or culture or color can and will attend their favorite schools, it's just about believing in yourself – that is what CTY Scholars has instilled in me."

CTY Scholar, Class of 2017
Georgetown University, Class of 2021

Brianna Harris

BriannaHarrisPhoto"I love the CTY Scholars program. They made the college and financial aid process so much easier for my mom and I to understand and provided the personal counseling and advice I needed. The workshops in preparation for the college process and the college tour opened my eyes to the possibilities and opportunities at a wide range of schools, not just the most selective."

CTY Scholar, Class of 2017
Harvard University, Class of 2021

Christopher Hinds

Photo of Christopher Hinds"The CTY Scholars Program was a wonderful experience that introduced me to colleagues I interacted with during my high school time as well as college time. It imbued me with a strong sense of unity and support from my cohort and my advisor. My advisor was always such a kind and supportive soul; during workshops, we would break down important parts of the college process like meeting deadlines and applying for scholarships. Each time I attended a workshop, I ended up enjoying myself and left each session feeling more prepared to tackle college. My advisor was a truly wonderful individual who I felt genuinely cared for our cohort. Thank you, CTY Scholars Program."

CTY Scholar, Class of 2013
Johns Hopkins University, Class of 2017
UCLA Medical School, Class of 2023

Bella Hubbard

Photo of Bella Hubbard"Through college tours, info sessions, and bonding with peers, CTY Scholars has enhanced my confidence in applying to top-tier institutions and in knowing that I will always have the encouraging support of my fellow scholars."

CTY Scholar, Class of 2019
Vassar College, Class of 2023


Maria Mendoza

Picture of Maria Mendoza"The CTY Scholars Program has helped me reach a level of academic self-confidence that I have come to understand is essential for my own professional development. The richness of the opportunities it provided me with has instilled a curiosity in me that will power my pursuit of knowledge throughout my life. I am so grateful for the program that has turned my academic pursuits upside-down and inside-out in the best way possible."

CTY Scholar, Class of 2019
Yale University, Class of 2023

Menatalla Mohamed

Picture of Menatalla Mohamed"I feel so much gratitude towards programs like CTY Scholars that have shaped the student and person I am today. Supporting my path towards Georgetown was an invaluable investment into my education."

CTY Scholar, Class of 2016
Georgetown University, Class of 2020