Alumni Privacy Policy

The Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth (CTY) does not rent or sell any personally identifiable information about CTY alumni in any form to outside entities. Information you provide in the course of utilizing CTY alumni services may become part of your alumni record.

Third Party Website Terms of Use

The CTY Alumni Connections Facebook group and Center for Talented Youth LinkedIn group are maintained by the Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth for use by the CTY alumni community. The groups offer information about alumni news and events, and facilitates communication among members. Individuals who join the groups must be CTY alumni, or invited as members by the CTY Alumni Relations staff.  Individuals who join the group must also be 16 years or older. CTY reserves the right to review member records to confirm alumni status.

Rules of Conduct

If you participate in any interactive areas or post information or images to the LinkedIn or Facebook groups, you agree to behave responsibly, and show respect for all members of the CTY community. Prohibited uses include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Activities that are illegal or fraudulent
  • Hate speech or harassment
  • Misleading others about your identity
  • Uses that inaccurately imply endorsement, approval, or sponsorship by the Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth (or any individual officer of the Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth)
  • Uses that can be confused with official communications of the Johns Hopkins University, the Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth, or its officers; Mass mailings (sometimes known as "spamming")
  • Mailing using a false identification (sometimes known as "spoofing")
  • Advertising or any form of commercial solicitation
  • Posting inappropriate or obscene language and images
  • Violating copyright laws

Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth will deny further access to the groups to any users who fail to abide by the rules of conduct or the terms of use.

Terms of Use, Disclaimer, Denial of Warranty, Limitation of Liability

Some areas of the groups provide locations where users may exchange information. CTY neither monitors, reviews nor approves postings. Although CTY reserves the right to deny any posting or remove any posting, the reservation of that right and the exercise of that right are solely for the benefit of CTY. That right neither implies nor shall it be used for the benefit of, or the protection of, users of the groups.

CTY shall not be liable to any user or any third person as a result of use of the groups by a user, or as a result of any posting, for any claim of any kind, including defamation, disclosure of confidential information, negligence, or any other claim, no matter where brought or how the claim arises. Entities who post messages on the groups, and users who use information obtained from them, by so posting or using, agree to indemnify and hold harmless CTY from any claim, loss or damages arising from the posting or using.

Johns Hopkins University is not responsible for the content of discussion boards, wall postings, personal profiles, or uploaded images and video posted by persons using the groups. CTY will not routinely monitor content. However, CTY reserves the right to monitor all use of the groups, and to reorganize or delete any postings.

As a condition of use, users of the groups also agree and understand that information on it may be inaccurate, incorrect or improper. Users will use their own judgment and will independently research any information obtained from the groups. Users will not rely upon any information from the group, and the use, if any, shall be at the sole risk of the user, and based upon the user's independent, and independently exercised judgment.

The Center for Talented Youth reserves the right to discontinue any or all online services at any time or to revise the terms of this acceptable use agreement.