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Pause Policy and Instructions

CTY students are most successful when they work consistently. However, situations may occur which cause a student to be away from the program for an extended period of time. MyCTY allows families to pause their child's individually paced Online Programs course for an extended absence, preserving enrollment time. Families may pause their child's enrollment in an individually paced course for seven days or longer, up to 365 days cumulatively per course. Any course that has been paused for more than one year will be marked as incomplete, and the remaining enrollment time will be forfeited.

Follow these steps to pause an individually paced course via MyCTY:

Log in to MyCTY as a Parent using the CTY Student ID and your Parent MyCTY password*.
On the left side, click on CTY Online Programs. In the Currently Enrolled Courses section, select the course you wish to pause and then click the link to request to pause this course.

Pause requests must be submitted at least one day before you would like the pause to begin. You may pause a student's enrollment for seven days or longer, up to a cumulative total of 365 days per course.

If you need to adjust the resume date of your pause request, you will need to log in and update the resume date at least 1 day before you would like the student to return to the course, so it is important to plan ahead.

For a student enrolled in multiple courses, each course requires a separate pause request. MyCTY is the only management tool for pausing your student’s enrollment. Enrollment cannot be paused by email or phone request. Pause requests cannot be applied retroactively. You may not pause a course if there is less than one day remaining in the course. All requests must be submitted in MyCTY before midnight Eastern time.

Please contact or call 410-735-6166 if you have any questions.

*If you do not know your MyCTY login information, select the Forgot Your Password link.


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