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Testing Accommodations

Please select the test your child is interested in taking for CTY's Talent Search for further information regarding testing accommodations. Be aware that you need to begin the request for accommodations process for testing well in advance of the test date of interest.

SCAT (School and College Abilities Test) Accommodations- Grades 2 and up

SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) Accommodations - Grades 7 and 8

ACT (American College Testing) Accommodations - Grades 7 and 8

STB (Spatial Test Battery) Accommodations- Grades 5 to 8

Visit CTY's Talent Search and Testing FAQs for further information about the tests and CTY's Talent Search.

Questions regarding SCAT and/or STB accommodations should be directed to CTY's Diagnostic and Counseling Center ( or 410-735-6233). Questions regarding SAT and ACT accommodations should be directed to the College Board or the ACT respectively.

Want more information to consider when selecting a test?           CTY Testing Considerations