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Online Programs Disability Services

CTY's Online Programs offers a wide array of online courses for students in grades K-12. This includes individually paced, session-based, and L.I.V.E. courses. More information about specific program expectations and course offerings can be found on the main Online Programs webpage.

If you are unsure whether you want to share information about your child's disability with CTY staff, please review the information about why you may choose to disclose and what it involves.

Request Accommodations for CTY Online Programs

CTY Online Programs courses are structured differently from typical courses in classrooms. The nature of the supports or accommodations your child is used to receiving in school may play out differently in the CTY Online Programs classroom. If your child has not taken an online course before, following the process below is especially important. Please review Expectations for Students and What to Expect in an Online Course.

If you would like to request accommodation for your child:

  1. Log in to your MyCTY account and select the link that says “Accommodation Requests for CTY Programs and SCAT/STB Testing” on the left-hand side menu.
  2. After clicking on the link, you will need to consent to visiting CTY’s accommodations request system, Accommodate. From there, you will be taken to an online Accommodations Request form.
  3. Complete the online accommodations request form. Be prepared to discuss your child’s strengths as well as where he or she might struggle. Review What to Expect in an Online Course and Expectations of Students carefully and think about how your child's strengths and challenges will play into meeting the expectations outlined.
  4. After completing the initial Accommodations Request form, you will be able to log into Accommodate through the link in MyCTY and renew accommodations request for new courses and request any additional accommodations as needed.
  5. As part of your request for accommodation, you will also need to submit appropriate documentation. Refer to the Documentation Guidelines page for further information.

Please initiate the accommodations request process prior to beginning any new course and as soon as possible, even if your child received accommodations in a past CTY program or course. Information of this nature is privileged and is not shared between departments at CTY without your written consent.

If you have any difficulties, contact CTY Disabilities Services: 410-735-6215 or Please note this email and voicemail are checked regularly, but you will be directed to leave a message. Your call or email will typically be returned within 48 business hours. You can also contact Melissa Kistler at 667-208-7641 if you have a more urgent need.

You must complete a request for accommodation every year and with a re-test within the same academic year, even if your child received accommodations for CTY testing or in a past CTY program. The privacy rights of each student are honored to the fullest extent possible.

Additional Considerations

  • Even if you are not requesting formal accommodations for your child, you may also contact CTY Disability Services to discuss your child’s condition and any information you wish CTY Online Programs staff to be aware of related to the condition. This information can often better help CTY staff support your child in our program. Again, please keep in mind that CTY Online Programs courses are structured differently from typical courses. The nature of the supports or accommodations your child is used to receiving in school may play out differently in the CTY Online Programs classroom.
  • Be aware that just sharing information does not guarantee any particular support/accommodation. A request and documentation along with an accommodations letter with approved accommodations must be on file for this.
  • Costs for personal attendants, personally prescribed devices, or services which involve travel and other expenses are typically the responsibility of the student’s family.
  • If you have urgent questions regarding accommodations for your child, please feel free to contact Melissa Kistler directly at 667-208-7641 or

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Students with Disabilities and Partnerships with Schools

If a student with a learning, physical, or medical disability is taking a CTY Online Programs course and working on the course during school hours and/or if the course is paid for by the school, please ensure parents/guardians and school personnel are in contact with CTY Disability Services (410-735-6215 or  to discuss any accommodations the student may receive in school as part of her IEP or 504 Plan that may be appropriate for the CTY Online Programs course the student is taking. 

Accommodations the student is used to receiving may be applicable to the course the student is taking through CTY Online Programs. There may also be other aspects of a CTY Online Programs course that are not present in a typical classroom setting that might warrant different or additional accommodations. If a student is working closely with his school when taking a course, CTY Disability Services will work with both appropriate school personnel and the student’s parent/guardian to discuss the student’s needs for the online course.

CTY Disability Services, in coordination with Johns Hopkins University’s ADA Compliance Officer, will ultimately determine the reasonable accommodations that will be implemented in the CTY Online Programs course the student is taking.

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Rolling Deadline Reminder! 

  • Summer Programs: Contact CTY Disability Services by MAY 15th to request accommodations!
  • Other Programs: Contact CTY Disability Services  as soon as you register for other programs to request accommodations!
  • Email CTY Disability Services
“We are so grateful to CTY for providing an environment where our son can be adequately challenged academically and at the same time feel like an accepted part of a social group.”

Lisa M. , CTY Parent