Disability Services

CTY aims to celebrate disability as an area of diversity while ensuring equitable experiences for all students. It is our mission to create an inclusive community for students with disabilities by proactively removing barriers, raising awareness of equitable practices, and utilizing a wide range of approaches, from universal design to individualized accommodations.

CTY’s Disability Services office advises students with disabilities and their families on services and accommodations available for CTY programming.

Requesting accommodations for CTY testing and courses

We follow Johns Hopkins University’s guidelines on disability documentation. We’ll typically need documentation of the student’s diagnosis and any relevant history, and a statement on impact of the diagnosis. IEPs and 504 plans are accepted forms of documentation.

This step-by-step guide will walk you through the process of applying for accommodations with CTY. Please note: CTY reviews requests for accommodations for CTY-administered eligibility tests—the SCAT, Online SCAT, and STB. To submit a request for non-CTY tests, you will need contact the testing organization directly. Be sure to start the process early, as it can take up to seven weeks.

Contact CTY Disability Services

For general questions about Disabilities Services, or for help with submitting an accommodation request, email [email protected] or call 410-735-6215.

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Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)​​​​​​​