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CTY Baltimore Emerging Scholars

Baltimore Emerging Scholars in classroom settings

Baltimore Emerging Scholars (BES) is CTY’s local enrichment program for Baltimore students who show high academic potential. The CTY BES School Year and Summer programs reach nearly 1,000 students annually, offering interdisciplinary courses in high-interest topics that are not typically taught in traditional curricula.

The six-week CTY BES Summer Program is facilitated by CTY researchers at two sites in Baltimore City. Learn more about the CTY BES Summer Program.

School Year Program

In partnership with Baltimore City Public Schools, CTY research staff have designed a 25-week extracurricular course to test students’ critical thinking skills and to further their academic interests through inquiry-based activities.

The Baltimore Emerging Scholars program design incorporates professional development and training for the school-based teachers who serve as program instructors. Before the program’s start, teachers participate in a training workshop focused on how best to teach the CTY BES curricula, led by the CTY BES co-directors, who manage the program year-round. 

Course Types
Courses are interdisciplinary in nature and revolve around high-interest topics not typically taught in traditional curricula, such as:

  • CTY’s research team focuses on assessing participating students’ cognitive abilities that may not be measured by standardized math and verbal tests.

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Participating Schools

Now in its sixth year, CTY BES is underway at 21 schools across Baltimore, reaching nearly 1,000 students:

map with pins at the various school locations around baltimore