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Give Back

CTY students in a line

CTY is a place like nothing you would have imagined. It doesn't do justice to describe it on paper. It just needs to be experienced. – Amy Choi, CTY Lancaster ’97 – ‘99

Each year, many students from low-income families qualify for CTY programs. We are committed to offering our programs to these students, regardless of their family’s socioeconomic status.

However, the number of financial aid requests is growing faster than our resources. With the support of alumni like you, we can make sure all bright students have the opportunity to experience CTY.

The CTY Alumni Scholarship Fund

Donations to the CTY Alumni Scholarship Fund lower the cost of tuition, lab fees, testing fees, or books.

In the past eight years, CTY alumni have given more than $2,000,000 to help students to pursue their academic passions, form lifelong friendships and sing “American Pie.”

Join your fellow CTY alumni and donate today. No one knows better than you the difference a CTY summer can make.