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Advanced Placement

CTY offers rigorous, online, session-based and individually paced AP courses in computer science, economics, U.S. history, government, mathematics, psychology, science, writing, and world languages. These courses cover college level material and many include virtual classroom lectures, live discussions, and interactive review workshops. They prepare students to take the corresponding AP exam to seek college credit, college placement, or both. All courses with “AP” in the title have been reviewed by the College Board and are authorized to use its "AP designation."

Have a question? Read the Advanced Placement FAQs to find helpful answers to common questions, review the AP audit policy, and learn more about how the Advanced Placement program works. Please contact with any additional questions. 

Note: Online Programs AP courses are demanding and require a significant time commitment. Students should not attempt more than one AP course at a time. Students considering higher course loads should first confer with program administration by emailing before registering.

To learn more:

  • Review the course catalog below to select a course. If you would like assistance selecting a course, please contact
  • Check the course description for course details such as prerequisites, time commitments, required materials, technical requirements, and to find out when the course is offered.
  • Visit the Credit and Placement page if you will be seeking credit for the course.

Advanced Placement Courses

CoursesCourse FormatGrade LevelsEligibility
AP Biology (NCAA Approved) Session-BasedGrades 9-12Math
AP Calculus ABIndividually PacedGrades 9-12*Math
AP Calculus AB (NCAA Approved) Session-BasedGrades 9-12*Math
AP Calculus BC Individually PacedGrades 9-12*Math
AP Calculus BC (NCAA Approved) Session-BasedGrades 9-12*Math
Calculus CIndividually PacedGrades 9-12*Math
Calculus C (NCAA Approved) Session-BasedGrades 9-12*Math
AP Chemistry (NCAA Approved)Session-BasedGrades 9-12Math
AP Chinese Language and Culture (NCAA Approved)Session-BasedGrades 9-12Math or Verbal
AP Computer Science ASession-BasedGrades 9-12Math
AP Computer Science A Coming soon!Individually PacedGrades 9-12Math
AP English Language & Composition (NCAA Approved)Session-BasedGrades 10-12Verbal
AP Macroeconomics (NCAA Approved)Session-BasedGrades 9-12Math or Verbal
AP Microeconomics (NCAA Approved)Session-BasedGrades 9-12Math or Verbal
AP Physics 1 (NCAA Approved)Session-BasedGrades 9-12Math
AP Physics 2 (NCAA Approved)Session-BasedGrades 9-12Math
AP Psychology (NCAA Approved)Session-BasedGrades 9-12Math or Verbal
AP Spanish Language and Culture (NCAA Approved)Session-BasedGrades 9-12Math or Verbal
AP Spanish Literature and Culture (NCAA Approved)Session-BasedGrades 9-12Math or Verbal
AP StatisticsIndividually PacedGrades 9-12*Math
AP Statistics (NCAA Approved) Session-BasedGrades 9-12*Math
AP US Government & Politics (NCAA Approved)Session-BasedGrades 9-12Math or Verbal
AP US History (NCAA Approved)Session-BasedGrades 9-12Math or Verbal

*Suggested grade levels only. Students may enroll in a course above their own grade level if it is appropriate for their ability.

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