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Talent Search

Talent Search

CTY’s Talent Search for grades 2 – 8 is the bridge to CTY, including CTY’s highly regarded summer programs, online courses, and other gifted and talented services and resources designed for advanced young learners.

Why Enroll

Discovery. As a Talent Search participant, your child will take a test designed for students several grades higher. Test results will show your child’s math and verbal abilities.

Course eligibility. Challenging and inspiring courses in CTY’s Summer Programs and CTY Online Programs are open to students who qualify based on test results.

Resources and recognition. The deep resources of CTY include special learning days that parents and children share together; our award-winning magazine Imagine; and educational testing, and college counseling. Awards ceremonies held throughout the country honor top students in the CTY Talent Search each year.

Join the Talent Search

A CTY affiliation connects your child to resources developed by a recognized world leader in gifted education. There is an enrollment fee and additional testing fees, based on the test you select for your child.

Welcome to CTY. We look forward to receiving your child’s application for the CTY Talent Search. Enroll now. 

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At CTY, academic talent isn't about moving from A to B -- it's about learning you can move the earth.