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Information for Parents

Information for Parents

Parents sometimes have special questions about the CTY experience. The links here and throughout our site can help you get your CTY experience off to a bright start!

CTYOnline Sample Questions


MyCTY is a personalized, online portal that gives you access to all of your CTY information once you have registered with the Center. To learn more about MyCTY, visit the MyCTY Overview page.

Postponement Policy for Individually Paced Courses

Our students are most successful when they work consistently. However, we realize that situations occur which cause a student to be away from the program for an extended period of time. MyCTY allows you to postpone your child's individually paced CTYOnline course for an extended absence, preserving enrollment time. Parents may postpone their child's enrollment in an individually paced course for seven days or longer, up to a year.

Technical Requirements and Support

Browswer set-up

Tech support

Flexi-Paced Courses -- Accessing and File Uploading

You'll find even more answers for CTYOnline enrollment questions at Information for Enrolled Students.

Check back here for more helpful information on other CTY programs soon.