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Summer Programs

CTY: Intensive Studies for 7th Graders and Above


CTY’s Intensive Studies is designed for students who are ready for intense college-level course work and accelerated study in specific disciplines. These three-week courses engage students in the same amount of material that would normally be covered in a semester-long college course or a year-long high-school course. CTY’s Intensive Studies courses fall into two categories: special topics courses that are not offered in high school and fast-paced high school courses. Intensive Studies courses explore more sophisticated theoretical material and proceed at a faster pace than do courses in the Academic Explorations program. A number of CTY’s Intensive Studies courses also have prerequisites. Students who thrive within such a focused setting strengthen their critical and analytical thinking skills and have the opportunity to acquire specialized knowledge in their chosen fields of study.

Intensive Studies Catalog and Resources:

Program dates for 2016:

First session: June 26 - July 15
Second session: July 17 - August 5

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“For once, I found myself among people who love learning. For once, I found myself challenged. For once, I found myself.”

Sarah Williams, CTY Summer Programs Participant