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Reasons to retake the SCAT or STB test

  • To qualify for programs if student score(s) on the first test did not qualify 
  • To qualify for higher level of programming at the Advanced score level
  • To qualify for grand honors
  • To track growth over time

Note: Although most students’ scores improve with retesting, not everyone achieves higher scores on the second test. CTY accepts the highest scores—students are not penalized if the retest scores are lower than original scores.


If your child is in grade 2-8, has a current Talent Search application, tested or submitted scores but is not eligible for program:

  • Log into MyCTY
  • Select Talent Search
  • Under Resources, select 'request to retest'
    Note: Request to retest is not available from June 15 to July 15

If your child is in grade 2-8, did not complete a Talent Search application, test, or submit test scores:

If you registered for Talent Search prior to April 30 and did not take a qualifying test or submit scores for eligibility: