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Funding Opportunities at CTY

Empowering the world’s brightest children to find their passions, discover their potential, and receive support that propels them to the highest achievement possible has been the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth’s specialty for nearly 40 years. There is opportunity to focus your donation in the following areas: Excellence in Teaching, Research and Advocacy, Scholarship Support, and General Support/Where the Need is Greatest.

CTY teacher Miriam Melnick

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Excellence in Teaching

As alumni, Marc Howard and Miriam Melnick know how transformative the CTY experience can be. That’s why the married Google engineers devote three weeks each summer to teaching Advanced Robotics.

Read stories about amazing CTY teachers.


Jonathan Plucker

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Research and Advocacy

When the U.S. Department of Education issued new guidelines about gifted education in April 2016, a question arose: What percentage of American students are actually capable of working above their grade level?

Learn about research and advocacy at CTY.


Kamal (left) and Kendall (right) Smith

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Scholarship Support

Brothers Kamal and Kendall Smith credit the CTY Scholars Program as an instrumental experience that has helped them pursue ambitious career goals.

Learn how CTY students thrive with your support.


Student Santino Vaughn

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Greatest Need

Gifts designated to Greatest Need help CTY to respond effectively to pressing needs at a moment’s notice. This could include professional development for CTY staff, travel expenses for last-minute speaking opportunities, supplemental financial aid for books and incidentals, or special technology needs or supplies for summer sites and online courses.


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