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Medical Information

Medical Services

Students registered in the CTY summer program at HKU will be entitled to use the on-campus clinic during the opening hours (typically Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) for out-patient medical consultation. A fee of HK$200-300 will be charged per consultation (included in the consultation fee is 3 days of medication if needed). Registered health personnel are available at the on-campus clinic to screen student medical complaints and provide first aid; if needed, health staff would then refer students to local physicians or to a hospital near the university campus for emergency medical treatment. When students are referred to local providers for medical consultation and/or hospitalization, an HKU or CTY staff member would accompany them, and parents would be informed as soon as possible. All costs associated with medical care are the responsibility of the student's family.

CTY’s administrative and health staff dispense medications as authorized by both parents' and physicians' signatures on the CTY medical form. Our administrative staff includes one or two health assistants. Health assistants are not licensed professionals, but assist with health logistics and communications.  They help dispense medications as authorized on student medical forms, maintain medical records, and escort students to medical appointments.

Payment for Medical Services

The parent or guardian who signs the medical form is financially responsible for all costs incurred as a result of medical services provided. Some providers require payment from families at the time of service. International students coming to the site should check with their insurers about special provisions for international travel to see if they will be covered while in Hong Kong. International students may need to purchase supplemental insurance. Students should upload a photo of their insurance and prescription cards to CTY by May 15. CTY does not carry medical insurance of any kind for students.

Providing Medical Information about Your Child

After assignment to a course, students are required to submit an online medical form, which must be printed and has a portion that requires a physician's signature. We recommend that you schedule an appointment with your physician immediately upon receipt of your child's course assignment. If your child will take medication during the program, there are forms you and your physician must complete and sign. Ask your physician about hepatitis B and meningitis vaccines for your child, and ensure that all measles/mumps/rubella shots are up to date.

If your child needs special accommodations for a physical, medical, dietary, mental health, or other needs, you must contact summer programs staff at as soon as possible and not later than May 15. Forms to request accommodations or support are available at our Medical Disability Information page.

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