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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Eligibility

How does my child take the test required for summer programs eligibility?

For students in grades 2-8, the first step is CTY’s Talent Search.

Is my child eligible for summer programs without participating in the CTY Talent Search?

Yes. Any child who earns qualifying scores on one of the required tests is eligible for CTY courses. Students may submit scores from the SAT suite of assessments or ACT even if they took those tests outside CTY’s Talent Search. Some tests are available only through CTY’s Talent Search.

 Please keep in mind, though, that when we assign students to courses, we assign returning students first, then Talent Search participants, and then other applicants.

Once my child is eligible, do they have to retest?

Retesting is not necessary. Once eligible, students will have course options through the end of high school. Which courses will depend upon test scores, grade, and age. Review eligibility requirements for CTY.

Although retesting is not required, some students do choose to retest. Many are interested in tracking their academic progress or in qualifying for classes for which they are not currently eligible. In addition, higher scores will place a student higher in the ranking used for course assignments.

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Questions about Course Assignments

How are students assigned to courses?

Courses will be assigned on a rolling basis beginning January 19. For course assignment purposes, applications received on or before January 17 will all be considered to have arrived on the same date. If on January 19 there are more applications than space available, CTY will use an additional selection process giving preference to students who have participated in CTY programs in the past.

What is MyCTY?

MyCTY is the portal on CTY’s website through which parents and students can make payments, update program applications and contact information, view course registrations and enrollment history, and request an Official Academic Record showing a student’s CTY participation. Students and their families are given a MyCTY login name and password upon registering for the first time with CTY, whether for the Talent Search or a particular program. If you do not have your MyCTY account information, you may obtain it using the links provided on MyCTY’s login page.

My child had a change of heart about course preferences after submitting the application. What can I do?

If your child is not yet assigned a course, you may re-rank the preferences on the application through your MyCTY account. If your child has been assigned a course, you may request different courses through your MyCTY account. You may include both open and closed courses. Your child’s updated application will be included in the next regular weekly course assignments. When changing course preferences, keep in mind the following:

  • Placement in a different course is not guaranteed. The number of students requesting a course could exceed the space available.
  • Once you update the course preferences, your child’s course assignment will change when any course on the requested course list is available, as long as registration is open. See the admissions page for details.

How does the waitlist work?

The waitlist works the same way as our regular course assignment process. It is not first come, first served. See the admissions page for more information.

Should students sign up for additional courses if they think they want only their first choice?

No. Each course you request represents a commitment on your part. If your child would rather not come to the program than attend a course other than the first choice, then request the first choice only.

What is the site information packet and where can I get it?

The site information packet includes detailed information about the site, including directions, a packing list, and a tentative opening and closing day schedule. It also contains instructions for submitting required forms and student services requests. The site information packet will be available in your MyCTY account as a PDF file within two weeks of receiving your course assignment notification.

I need more information in order to complete my application. Whom can I contact?

Please contract or call 410-735-6277.

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Questions about Classes

Who teaches at CTY?

Our instructional staff bring expertise in their disciplines to our courses. Outstanding teachers from public and private schools and universities, graduate students, and professionals teach at CTY. Advanced undergraduate students with subject expertise assist with instruction.

How large are the classes?

Eighteen students is the normal class size for students in grades 7 through 10, although some may have as many as twenty. For students in grades 5 and 6 the class size is 15 students. Each class typically has a teaching assistant as well as an instructor.

How much work will be expected?

CTY students spend seven hours a day, five days a week, in class sessions. They work hard. Our students enjoy academic challenge and rigor, and we design our course work to engage and inspire them. If students feel overwhelmed, our staff are available to provide support.

Will my child have access to a computer for word-processing or email? Should my child bring a personal computer to the site?

Computer access is available to students at 3 computer barns. Computers are equipped with MS Office software, email, and an Internet browser. However, computer access is shared with full-time students and students from other programs on campus, and availability cannot be guaranteed during peak hours of the day. While instructors do not expect or require typed work, we do allow students to bring laptop computers to the CTY-Hong Kong location. There will be opportunities for all students to email home.

If a student has a documented disability that requires the use of a word processor in class, parents must contact summer programs staff at to discuss appropriate documentation and possible accommodations.

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Questions about Student Life

My child has a disability. Where can I find information about possible accommodations for students with disabilities or special needs?

Please see "Students with Learning, Physical, or Medical Needs" in the Information for Parents section.

My child requires a special diet. Are special meal plans available?

The dining service at HKU is self-service and includes a selection of entrees and side dishes. Students will select their own dishes. If your student has food allergies or special food needs, please contact the program manager after your student has registered. Contact information will be in your child’s site information packet.

Do CTY students ever have time for fun?

Yes! In addition to their engaging classes, students participate in scheduled daily and weekend activities and enjoy a vibrant social atmosphere. At HKU students spend the bulk of their time on campus, but may go out for class-related field trips during the week and on excursions during the weekends.

How are rooms in student residences assigned? Is my child guaranteed a roommate? Are single rooms available? May I make a specific roommate request?

We assign students to rooms according to age and course. Whenever possible, roommates and the hall as a whole are similar in age and academic interest.

Most students live in double rooms, but some may be in singles or triples. We cannot guarantee a particular housing arrangement.

We discourage roommate requests because we find that students benefit from the opportunity to befriend new people. Further, because of the variety of factors involved in making room assignments, we can rarely honor roommate requests.

May my child bring electronics to the program? Will my child have access to Wi-Fi?

Students may bring laptops, tablets, and smart phones; however, students are solely responsible for their belongings. CTY and the host institution cannot be held responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged devices. Students should not expect to access the host institution’s Wi-Fi network. Please review CTY’s technology policy with your child and discuss together how they will meet these expectations.

Will my child have time to complete outside coursework during the session?

No. CTY students enjoy a structured day of learning and recreational activities, all of which are required. We cannot accommodate requests for students to work on other courses while attending our program.

Do the Hong Kong sites have air conditioning?


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Questions about Medical Issues

What are the arrangements for children who need to take medication?

Students are advised to keep all daily medication (including prescribed and over-the-counter medication) they need with them at all times. In case students need medical consultation, the on-campus clinic is open during office hours from Monday to Friday and is available to students on a pay-per-visit basis. For emergencies, 24/7 medical consultation is available at the Accident and Emergency (A&E) ward of public hospitals in Hong Kong.

Students are advised to have their own medical insurance which covers medical consultation and hospitalization, as public hospitals in Hong Kong charge a significantly higher rate for foreign passport holders for both A&E service and hospitalization.

Our administrative staff will secure and dispense over-the-counter medication and provide first aid attention should students need it.

What medical forms or medical information do I need to submit for my child to participate at CTY?

Upon receiving a course assignment, you will receive instructions on completing and submitting the medical form. In general, CTY medical records must include emergency contact information, immunization records, physical examination results, medical insurance information (not required), medical history, allergies and adverse reactions, and a list of any medications your child will need to take while at CTY. The form must also include consent for CTY staff to distribute non-prescription medication. Parents and physicians must approve of all medications to be administered and fill out the appropriate portions of the form. Please see Medical Information for more information on medical care.

Can I submit my child’s school medical forms or equivalent documentation from another camp?

No. Only immunization records, physical exam results, and TB testing results may be replaced by equivalent and current documentation signed by a physician. All other sections of the forms must be completed and signed as indicated using the form provided by CTY.

My child recently had a complete physical examination. Is another physical examination required to participate in the programs?

The CTY medical form must be signed by your child’s examining physician within the year prior to attending the program. The physical exam must have taken place within two years of the start of the program. Ask your physician whether another visit is necessary.

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Questions about Traveling to and from the Site

How will students traveling on public transportation (plane or train) get to the site? Who will meet them at the airport or train station?

CTY offers a shuttle service from Hong Kong’s airport (HKG); the site information packet will contain more information. On arrival day, a staff member wearing a CTY t-shirt will be waiting for students outside of their gates’ security checkpoint unless otherwise directed by airline or airport policies. The staff member will greet students, help them with their luggage, and escort them to the site.

Shuttle service may be requested and paid for through MyCTY. Shuttle service costs $100 (one way or round trip) and may only be used by students traveling alone.You will receive more detailed information for making arrangements in the Course Assignment Packet

Is it possible for my child to arrive a day early or depart a day late?

We regret that CTY cannot accommodate students outside of the program dates.

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Questions about Payment

What credit cards does CTY accept?

Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

Does CTY offer financial aid for its program in Hong Kong?

We have very limited need-based financial aid available only to students attending certain local schools. For information, please contact

Will I be notified of any remaining balance due after I have made the initial deposit and received the Course Assignment Packet?

The balance of tuition and fees will be invoiced at the time of your course assignment. Payment is then due in accordance with the invoice. Please see Tuition and Fees for more information.

How do I make an online payment?

Make an online payment

Where do I send the application, checks, and all other payment information?

Johns Hopkins University
Center for Talented Youth

P.O. Box 64434
Baltimore, MD 21264-4434

What address do I use for all correspondence not related to payment?

CTY Registration
Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth
McAuley Hall
5801 Smith Avenue, Ste. 400
Baltimore, MD 21209

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