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Information for Parents

Safety and Risk Management

The safety of CTY Civic Leadership Institute participants is paramount at all times. We take careful steps to ensure the well-being of our students on and off campus, including:

Hiring skilled staff members. Our staff is a talented group of educators brought together by their commitment to teaching highly able young people about civic engagement and social responsibility. Our instructional staff are typically outstanding teachers from secondary schools or universities, graduate students, or youth development professionals with expertise in service-learning. Our residential staff are typically college graduates working in the education or nonprofit fields, or junior-or senior-level undergraduates with a background in residential life. All staff members are selected through a highly competitive process that weighs such factors as academic background, service-learning experience, and experience working with youth in a residential setting. The process also includes a criminal background check.

Working with established and well-respected host agencies. We work closely with host organizations to provide safe volunteer and learning environments. Host agencies orient students to the communities and activities they will be engaged in, and outline precautions students can take to minimize risk and help ensure the safety and well­being of all group members.

Providing careful supervision. While students are ultimately responsible for their own conduct, our staff teams work together to provide clear guidelines and careful supervision. Each group of approximately 15 students is supervised by an instructor and teaching assistant during class time and field experiences, and by the residential staff during evening and weekend hours. Students are unsupervised only when they sign out for brief excursions off campus. In those cases, they must be with a student buddy and stay within designated boundaries. Our administrative staff is also on site at all times to provide support and supervision.

Ensuring emergency preparedness. We are committed to ensuring the highest level of preparedness for all types of emergencies. Creating and maintaining a safe and secure program environment is a responsibility share by administrators, staff, and students. Administrators organize service experiences and plan travel routes with an eye to safety and supervision. Staff monitor weather conditions and alter outdoor program activities in the event of inclement conditions. Staff are trained on fire, weather emergency, and evacuation plans and protocols, and are prepared to manage emergency situations. Finally, students are oriented to ways they can help ensure their own and their fellow group members’ safety and wellbeing.

Medical Care

Accepted students are required to submit an online medical form, which must be printed and requires a physician’s signature. During the program, CTY administrative staff, including a nurse, are responsible for overseeing the distribution of medications, providing first aid, and accompanying students who become ill or injured to clinics or emergency rooms for treatment. All costs associated with medical care are the responsibility of the student’s family.

In compliance with local regulations, our staff oversees the distribution of medications as authorized by parents’ and physicians’ signatures on the CTY medical form. Students are not permitted to keep medications of any kind in their possession (exceptions are made for some emergency-use medications, such as rescue inhalers and EpiPens®). For the safety of all students, keeping medications in rooms or belongings is grounds for dismissal. Students on regular medications should continue to take their medications during the program as prescribed.

Students with Learning, Physical, or Medical Needs

Open communication between CTY and parents is essential to meeting students’ needs. If your child has a learning, physical, mental health, or other medical need that requires accommodations, awareness, or support, you must contact our disability services administrator at 410-735-6215 or to discuss those needs in the context of the academic, social, and residential aspects of the CTY program. An online Request for Accommodations form can also be completed through MyCTY. CTY is committed to providing reasonable, appropriate, and necessary accommodations for qualified students with disabilities and supporting students with other physical and mental health-related concerns. Please do not hesitate to contact us about any struggles your child may have in the program.

For reasonable accommodations to be provided for students with disabilities, current documentation from a qualified individual knowledgeable about the student’s disability may need to be submitted to our office. Requests and documentation are due by May 15. Requests made outside of this timeline may adversely affect our ability to provide accommodations and in certain circumstances may prevent a child from participating in our program. You must contact our office every year, even if your child received accommodations in a past CTY program or was evaluated by CTY’s Diagnostic and Counseling Center. Information of this nature is privileged and is not shared between departments at CTY without your written release.

Costs for personal attendants, personally prescribed devices, or services which involve travel and other expenses are the responsibility of the student’s family.

For further information regarding accommodations at CTY’s summer programs, please visit our accommodations information page.

If you are unsure whether you should disclose your child’s disability, please visit our disclosure information page.

Students with Medical Dietary Needs

If your child needs special dietary arrangements or accommodations due to severe allergies or other medical issues, you must contact our disability services administrator at 410-735-6215 or by May 15 in order to discuss reasonable accommodations in the context of the CTY program and site your child is attending. For further information on food allergy management at CTY, please visit our allergy information page.

For dietary arrangement requests unrelated to severe allergies or medical issues, contact

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