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Institute for Advanced Critical and Cultural Studies, Carlisle, PA: Grades 10-12

2019 Program Dates: July 14-August 2

CTY's institute at Dickinson College is a three-week residential summer program for academically talented high school students, grades 10 and above. Students must be at least 15-years-old by the time the program begins.

Institute for Advanced Critical and Cultural Studies Catalog and Resources

CTY’s Institute for Advanced Critical and Cultural Studies reflects CTY’s fundamental commitment to advancing humanistic and interdisciplinary fields of study that expose us to a diverse range of voices, arguments, and discussion, and encourage us to inhabit and learn from the perspective of others.

The Institute develops students’ capacities for critical thinking and creative problem solving as they explore what we, as humans, create in response to social and political issues, and how our creations help define discussions and debates about such issues.

In every course, students develop their critical thinking, analytical writing, and problem-solving abilities, skills necessary not only for succeeding in a rigorous college or professional environment but also for being an engaged citizen who can empathize with others inhabiting diverse perspectives and who can effectively negotiate an ever complex, changing world.

When doctors, engineers, or politicians address problems such as poor public health in central Appalachia, urban blight in Detroit, or the faltering power grid in Puerto Rico, they need both their technical skill and public support to effect change. Yet data and figures alone rarely get that job done. A compelling narrative about someone’s actual, lived experience can have enormous power in fostering empathy and motivating a demand for solutions.

Likewise, innovation across fields hinges on moving beyond accepted or established ways of looking at the world. To formulate new approaches to existing problems, professionals must access and synthesize numerous perspectives about prior efforts and previous solutions. To anticipate future problems before they become unmanageable, specialists must possess a vast vantage point and an imagination informed by the knowledge of others.

In CTY’s Institute for Advanced Critical and Cultural Studies, students engage a diverse range of voices, arguments, and discussions. They process and challenge who we are as nations and people. They come to better understand how we got here, and envision where we might be going.

Dickinson College, which also hosts a CTY Intensive Studies program site, is a nationally recognized, private liberal-arts institution in Carlisle, Pa., just outside the state capital of Harrisburg, that is known for its innovative curriculum, global mindset, and commitment to sustainability. The 144-acre campus features a mix of renovated 19th-century limestone buildings, and is within walking distance to a vibrant downtown. All academic and residential rooms are air conditioned. Approximately 80 students and 20 staff are expected to attend the institute each session.

Transportation: A student shuttle service is available only from Harrisburg International Airport (MDT) and the Harrisburg train station. You will receive maps, directions, and shuttle service details with your course notification.

Program Disclaimer

Students in these courses at CTY will engage in frank discussions and analyses of contemporary issues and will use materials typical of college courses. For example, students may view an R-rated film or engage topics of a politically or socially sensitive or controversial nature.

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