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CTY Academic Records

Students who participate in CTY programs—including Talent Search, Summer Programs, and CTY Online Programs—can request a CTY Official Academic Record (view a sample). This document shows all the academic courses the student has taken, with grades if applicable, and lists other types of participation and achievements.

Please note that the Official Academic Record is not customizable. Students may wish to include one with their applications to schools and universities.

Request a Copy of Your CTY Official Academic Record

Log in to MyCTY as a parent and select the Academic Record section. From there, you can view the “unofficial” record and request an official copy. The charge of $5 for each request will be waived.

Please allow up to three weeks for Online Programs and up to four weeks for Summer Programs from the last day of class for grades or an evaluation to appear. Your copy will be emailed to the address(es) you provide.

All requests will be processed within three to five business days unless there are any financial holds or outstanding obligations on the student’s account. For more information, please contact