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Selection Process for the CTY Cogito Research Award

The CTY Cogito Research Awards are on hiatus this year.
Please check back in Fall 2017.

A committee of Johns Hopkins CTY instructors selects the CTY Cogito Research Award winners. The committee members consider the overall quality and creativity of the proposals, paying particular attention to proposals for projects in their particular field of expertise. Proposed projects are expected to be multiphase research, conducted from the time the award is announced, in January, through August, when the winners' final reports are due. Projects that take less than three months to conduct will not be considered.

Selection Committee members may seek the advice and counsel of JHU faculty from the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences, the Hopkins Schools of Medicine and Nursing, the Applied Physics Laboratory, and the Whiting School of Engineering. CTY encourages research proposals in a diverse range of subject areas. As a secondary selection criterion, the selection committee may consider the distribution of the awards by subject matter.