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SET provides individualized counseling to its members upon request. This may take place in person, by phone, or by email. Our counseling focuses on finding solutions to problems presented by students, as we consider their individual strengths and weaknesses, interests and motivation, and available resources in the school and community.

Many SET members do not need this service, as their needs are being met, but we try to help those who are under-challenged by their school curriculum find alternate or supplemental opportunities to achieve their full potential. SET’s staff can help with school and college choice, identify strong summer programs and extracurricular opportunities, and help address social, emotional, or learning issues. We highly value and recommend summer programs, academic competitions, and a variety of extracurricular activities as effective means to enhance challenge and learning, and, most especially, to connect with like-minded peers during the high school years.

Since staff time for individual counseling is limited, SET serves the larger group by providing information about opportunities and resources in the SET Precollege Newsletter, and by hosting group meetings. A SET counselor attends most initial group meetings in a particular locale.

SET members or parents who wish to talk to a SET counselor should phone 410-735-6120 to schedule a time to talk or email a member of SET’s staff directly.