Summer 2022

The registration period for CTY's Summer 2022 On-Campus program is closed. Please visit CTY's Online programs for available courses.

Please see this FAQ for more information about our On-Campus Programs course cancellations.

Get ready for a healthy, safe, and exciting summer at CTY! We'll be hosting programs at sites across the U.S. Learn about our Covid-19 policies.

Residential and commuter programs

Commute to our day programs or live with other young scholars in our residential programs. Sessions are available July through August and range from one to three weeks.

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New for 2022

CTY at Hopkins

Grades 9+

CTY at Hopkins brings high school students from around the world together at America’s first research university to live, learn, tackle challenging coursework, and make lifelong friends.

CTY at VSU: Global Environmental Studies

Grades 7-10

We’re thrilled to be partnering with Virginia State University for the first time to bring the school’s strengths in environmental scholarship into the CTY classroom.


Grades 7+

We’re coming to Texas! CTY will be hosting residential programs this summer at Texas Christian University, a top-ranked national university with a picturesque campus in the heart of Fort Worth.

CTY at Hockaday

Grades 2-6

Our beautiful new commuter site in Dallas, Texas, features fun and challenging courses for budding writers, scientists, historians, mathematicians, and engineers.

CTY at Viewpoint

Grades 2-6

Get ready to soak up the California sun and learn about forensics, the physics of engineering, the ancient world, writing, and more at our new commuter site in the San Fernando Valley.

Explore Summer Programs

Young Students Program

Grades 2-6

Learn and grow with talented students from all over the world. Day programs are available for grades 2–6 and residential programs for grades 5–6.

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Intensive Studies

Grades 7+

Ready to tackle challenging concepts at a pace suited to your sharp mind? These three-week courses offer accelerated tracks through high school courses and deep dives into sophisticated college-level topics.

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Academic Explorations

Grades 7+

Discover new subjects that aren’t part of your typical school curriculum. These three-week courses give students a chance to make big-picture connections across an array of exciting disciplines.

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