About the Course

Combinatorics and Graph Theory

  • Grades 7-11
  • Advanced CTY-Level

If you’ve ever wanted to know how to turn tedious counting problems into simple solutions—like how to figure out the total number of games played in the March Madness tournament without needing to count every matchup on your bracket, one by one—this course is for you. It explores enumerative combinatorics and the different techniques for working through mathematical proofs using binomial coefficients, permutations, and partitions. You’ll investigate graph theory and its applications in fields like navigation, computer science, and counterterrorism. One famous graph-theory question posed in the early 1800s—Can you color any map using just four colors so that no two adjacent areas share the same color?—took more than 100 years for mathematicians to answer. You’ll analyze problems like these while learning concepts like cycles, planarity, algorithms, and graph colorings that are used to solve them. Along the way, you’ll encounter fun and challenging problems that can be solved with creativity and determination—even without a background in college-level math.

Note: Students who have taken CTY's Discrete Math course should not take this course.

Typical Class Size: 16

Testing and Prerequisites

  Math Verbal
Required Level Advanced CTY-Level Not required
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Course Prerequisites

Combinatorics and Graph Theory requires:

1 prerequisite

Algebra 1

Cost and Financial Aid

  • Tuition
    • Varies
  • Application fee
    • Nonrefundable Application Fee - $50 (Waived for financial aid applicants)
    • Nonrefundable International Fee - $250 (outside US only)

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